Spring foraging in Egerton




Sunday 21 April 2024


Tutor: Steve Kirk

10.00am – 4.00pm

£50 per person


We will meet in Egerton Village Hall car park at 10.00am.  From there we will proceed on a walk, taking in a variety of habitats, and examining and gathering a number of easily recognisable plants on the journey. The course tutor will show you how to distinguish which are edible and which to avoid, discuss traditional uses and how to make the best of any that we find. In spring it is is mainly green leaves that are edible so we will be learning to identify many plants before they flower. The walk lasts for about an hour and a half to two hours over gentle country terrain.

We finish the morning at the tutor’s cottage, where hot (or cold) drinks will be provided and we will break for a light lunch/snacks. (Bring your own). After a leisurely forage around the garden and part of the woods we will return for a cooking demonstration and to sample what we have gathered. There will be some pre-prepared food – usually in the form of quiches and thus containing eggs and dairy products – but there may be other choices as well. It will be vegetarian, not vegan. (Our fresh steam-fried samples can can be cooked to accommodate vegans). We recommend you bring a light lunch because of the extra food on offer. 


If you have any severe allergies it is important to let us know.


We will practice foraging certain plants, learn about poisonous species and how to recognise them, how to forage ethically and legally. If you don’t already have access you will take home some wild garlic.





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