Kent experience gift vouchers

Choose from an array of animal experiences, tours and events.

  1. Kent Wolf Experience

    Gift voucher - Wolf experience

    Wildwood wolf experiences are a unique opportunity to meet and learn all about Wildwood's family of five European grey wolves with exclusive behind the scenes access.

  2. Kent Bear Experience

    Gift voucher - Bear experience

    Wildwood bear experiences are a unique opportunity to meet and learn all about Wildwood's rescued bears with exclusive behind the scenes access. Things to know:

  3. Kent Arctic Fox Experience

    Gift voucher - Arctic fox experience

    The Arctic Fox experience allows you to get up close and personal with our two Arctic Foxes, Teddy and Flo, and their offspring.

  4. Kent Family Keeper Tour

    Gift voucher - Family keeper tour

    Venture behind the scenes at Wildwood and interact with a variety of British animals on our bespoke family tour for up to 2 adults and 4 children.

  5. Kent Junior Zookeeper

    Gift voucher - Junior zookeeper

    Find out exactly what it's like to look after wild animals with our Junior zookeeper experiences.

  6. Kent Night Tour

    Gift voucher - Night tour

    Night tours are VIP guided tours that coincide with the full moon, giving you a chance to encounter our animals in a new light. 

  7. Kent Photographic Tour

    Gift voucher - Photographic tour

    Calling all wildlife photographers of any level. Take close-up photos of our animals with our resident photographer Dave Butcher.

  8. Kent Bison Safari

    Gift voucher - Bison safari

    Join us for an unforgettable journey on this unique bison safari as we take you into the world of bison, where their rewilding story comes alive against the backdrop of nature's wonders.

  9. Kent Wallaby Experience (2)

    Gift voucher - Wallaby experience

    This experience allows you to go behind the scenes for a fun filled 30 minutes and say hello to our amazing wallabies and their joeys.